Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Free Vintage Halloween Printables

My little grandson has been keeping me pretty busy. I know this picture is a little fuzzy but it was so cute I had to share it. It is pretty hard to get computer time because this little guy always wants to play on the computer but the time I have had has been spent scanning some of my recently acquired collectables to reproduce them.

We have been busy making lots of faux vintage stuff for our Halloween party too. This yeas as always our theme will be "Vintage Halloween" All of my actual vintage collectables are placed on display but I do my best to reproduce everything I can to actually use. I just won an auction for some crazy awesome vintage Halloween collectables too! I am a frenzied mess waiting for them to arrive.

I know that I just posted an invitation but I could not help but post this one as well. When opened the witch will pop up!

I am offering it in color or in black and white. I just printed the black and white version on orange office paper. Just fold it up as pictured!

Be sure to click on the little thumbs to go to the larger printable version.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are we ready for Halloween Projects!
Free Vintage Halloween Invitation Printable

I am! so I am posting this free little Halloween party invitation! I just printed it on brochure paper. It is thin paper but has a matt photo finish so it looks like the professionally printed orignals...then I glued it to orange card stock and scored the fold lines... easy peasy! I just listed a little sheet of matching vintage repro fortune game place cards in my little etsy store too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Morning Doll Free Printable

I have had several requests for a caped morning doll for the Counts Castle Theater so here she is!

Don't forget to click on the image above to go to the larger printable :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm Backkkkk .......
is anyone still out there????
Oh and Baby printable

Where the heck have I been!... I know, I know! When I went to California to move my mom and sister to Idaho I thought I could get them packed and ready to go in two or three weeks... and I had this stupid idea that I was going to be able to post from there. Little did I know that they had turned into HOARDERS! Not the filthy type you see on TV but the pack rat type that has stuff everywhere. When I was growing up my sisters room was always decorated very minimal, neat as a pin. Mine was the huge mess... boy have times changed. I have tried to stay close over the years but a lot of day to day life is missed over the phone. I think they had at least 5 of everything and my sister did not want to let go of anything. We just could not move all that stuff! It was like pulling teeth to get her to put just one of each 5 into the donation box. I worked from the time I got up until the time I went to bed. The only breaks I took were to fill orders for my little etsy store. I even ate most meals as I packed. After about 5 weeks we were ready for the movers. When I got home I slept for about a week... literately :)) When I finally woke up I discovered while I was gone my computer mysteriously defunked. I had all my graphics saved to flash drives but I did not have my programs to work with them.... I got that fixed and then life got in the way once again.... baby watch! However things are coming together now... my mom and sister are here in Idaho, my computer is working and my grand baby was born today. Of course I had to post a picture of our new little JJ!

So I am back and I will try to make up for being gone over the next few weeks!

To start with I am posting this darling little baby graphic to celebrate the newest little member of our family.

Be sure to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable... Enjoy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free printabe Gothic Frame Book Plate

I have been so busy working on some new Halloween things and getting ready to go to California that I totally forgot to post the image I had ready for last week... so here it is ¯\(°o)/¯ I guess it is better late than never huh!
Don't forget to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beautiful blooms!... Free Printable Floral Hands

Yes... I am still here in Idaho
The best laid plans... lol. Since my last post I was informed that my niece in getting married. So my sister and I decided to delay the move so we could attend. As much as I wanted to get this move over with I am at least home when my Peonies were blooming.

Not only that... check out this vintage fencing at a local antiques store and the bed rails at a local yard sale. Since my back yard is already has a wood fence ... what could I want that for! ¯\(°o)/¯
I have several projects in the works in my back yard. The vintage fencing is one and another one will be utilizing these windows we found on Craigslist. I will be posting more on that soon too!
And since I am loving my beautiful blooms, I thought I would give you some too! I think these would be lovely for a summer garden and would work great for Valentines too!
Be sure to click on the thumb above to go to the larger printable.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eagle Fun Days... NOT!

Things have just been crazy around our house, with getting the after winter yard work done and moving my studio to make room for my sisters arrival there just has not been time to breath but we had our grandson Saturday so we took the day off and went to the Eagle Fun Days. OMGosh I will never go again!!! I had expected it to be similar to the Emmett Cherry Festival and as I said... NOT. First of all we arrived and could not get within a mile of the place. But having promised our grandson a parade and carnival poppa put him up on his shoulders and we made the long trek to the parade route.

With my feet already killing me we watched there dismal excuse for a parade. It was a total joke consisting of Firetruck, Ambulances and nice cars. There was a couple of clown cars from Zamsows and a helicopter car and lots of acrobatic troupes followed but a bunch of kids with super soakers wetting everyone down. But our grand baby is 3 so he didn't know any better and he had a blast. We consoled ourselves with "that is what counts"... lol

Then there was the carnival. It was over a mile away from the downtown area where the food court and their few vendors were... so another long walk. It was located on a vacant dirt lot that was covered with goat heads. Seriously, the soles of my shoes were covered solid with them. It also only had about 8 - 10 rides and a "midway" of a few games. Each ride cost about $2.75 and it took them over 5 minutes to load the ride then they ran the ride for only 1 minute : / Quinton was only big enough for 4 of them and I even had to ride one or he could not get on... so I squeezed my rather large "blank,it,e blank" onto the obviously too small seat so he could ride. Quinton however was delighted, he had no concept that grandma paid over $5.00 a ride so he could ride each one

Tell this kid it was a disaster! Still.. if you are in the area, my advise is to skip "Eagle Fun Days" it is too spread out with no parking. Just save your money for the "Emmett Cherry Festival" the following week. I would have but I am leaving for California so I don't think I will be here. I will miss it though. All the kids in our family usually but the wrist bands so the cost is cut down quite a bit. It has a cute little parade that goes right by a lovely tree covered park were all the food booths, vendor booths and carnival is located and it has lots of parking. The entire thing has twice as many food booths, carnival rides and venders and the cost is just about the same.

This came from a very small Victorian die cut. There printing techniques were not the greatest either. It doesn't really meet my usual standard of quality although I did touch it up as much as I could. But it fit the theme and if you don't try to print it too large it should work for a lot of things. Be sure to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Published! ... Pigs Reading Printable Too!

Whooo whooo! Good for me and good for you

Good for me because I AM PUBLISHED :)) and good for you! because you get this cute little pig printable! Just be sure to click on the thumb to go to the larger printable.

Just out in Somerset Gallery is an article on Steampunk Birds. Several months back Lynn Stevens of Trash To Treasure Art hosted a play day in her lovely studio. Several friends got together for a day of artistic bonding, wonderful mocha lattes (made by Lynn's wonderful hubby) She hand carved us all a bird blank to start with and we went from there. It was a wonderful day and one I will always treasure!

This is my bird... I really think my pictures are better than the magazine :)) but they were trying to get all of them at there best angle so that makes it a little harder to photograph.

Our article did not make the the preview so I made a little preview for ya! ... Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Gnombs Free Printable

OOPS! I forgot to post the little garden gnomes
Don't forget to click on the thumb to go to the larger printable... Enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring is in the air .❀·:·º°:·❀¸..°º:·..❀

The snow has melted but it was an unusually harsh winter. The little gnomes in Inkaland were feeling a bit dreary.

So I took them shopping and bought them some new outfits and then we spent the day doing a bit of spring cleaning... we even gave our front doors a makeover.... yes... I think we are ready for spring.

I am so excited to see everything green and blooming! And once again happy little gnomes tidying things up.

OOPS! I forgot to post the little garden gnomes
Don't forget to click on the thumb to go to the larger printable... Enjoy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Special Request...
Clown Riding A Pig Free Printable

I had a special request for this image... Do you have an image that you have been looking for? Most of the time I can either find or fabricate just about anything!
Don't forget to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dolly's Trunk And Doll Free Printable

I have been so into steampunk and paper dolls of late, when I ran across this little darling... I had to share her!

Be sure to click on the little thumb above to go to the larger printable.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Serving Up Silver Platter Paper Dolls

Did you know you can have yourself made into a paper doll? I have not had these listed for some time but just decided I would list them again. These are dolls I did of some of my friends sometime back but I just made some new sheets that you can steampunk any paper dolls with so I used them. This is such a fun idea... Just because I used my paper dolls you really can use any paper dolls.

I just love tarnished silver and I have been looking for ways to merge my art with my decor! Anyway... every time I see a piece of old silver plate in one of the local resale stores... I just have to buy it! Since I don't have a lot of storage in my little house, I have started to just put it on the walls.

Recently I discovered that magnets will stick to some of them. You do have to be careful though, not all silver plate platters will accept magnets. It depends on what base metal they were made with so test them before you buy them. Here are a few ideas I have come up with to give them a little more pizzazz. I have use the magnets to attach old photos and papers, I have added magnetic hooks to hold my jewelry

Or how about hanging scarfs on those hooks!

and now of course... I am dressing them up with paper dolls.

I just added some magnetic strips to the back of my dolls and instant steampunk decor! These are kinda a grown up version however this would be such a fun way to decorate a little girls room too.

I colored them with watercolor crayons and then added some printed graphics from some of my other collage sheets to steampunk them out. I also added some real gears, feathers and chain to give them an additional layer of interest.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day! Free Printable Steampunk Trunk

Just in case you are off to visit your Mother today, I thought I would give you a trunk to pack all your Mother's Day goodies in.
Don't forget to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Change is in the air :D

Spring time always brings such wonderful changes... but change is not always fun :0

I just changed my server and now have a new email address. If you have tried to reach me with no reply that is why : / Please update your address books :D Click the link on the right hand side bar to get updated!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's all about the Royal's

It seems every one is talking so I thought I would post my own little royal couple :))

And of course they have to have a place to live

They may be living here but I will bet there are fairies hiding in the cracks and even a few magicians roaming the hallways!

Oh and be sure to click on the little thumbs above to go to the larger printable :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everybody!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What ever happen to Alice's rabbit?
Easter Printable

Well after Alice went home, life went on in wonderland. One day while Mr Rabbit sat having his tea, a lovely bunny happened by wagging her tail oh so enticingly. Well before you knew it Mr Rabbit had settled down and even had a couple babies. As you all know babies change everything! Soon Mr Rabbit was taking the youngsters to the park, coloring eggs and yes even hiding the eggs, rushing to the bushes to hide while the youngsters searched for them... he had done what he vowed never to do... turned into his father... the Easter Bunny! Here he is now with his family ready to get dressed for Easter Sunday then follow up with some relaxing in the park
I thought these would be fun for artwork but also to stick in the kiddies Easter baskets.
Be sure to click on the thumb above to go to the larger printable

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vintage French Pierrot Marionette Clown Puppet Printable

Gosh.. long time no post again! I have been so crazy busy! I did do a couple new collage sheets for circus theme art and gosh the examples the ladies on the list made are extraordinary! I have also done a new vintage puppet sheet similar to the one below. I actually was going to put this guy and his partner on a sheet for my shop. However since it has been so long since I posted I thought you all deserved a special treat :) and if your really good, maybe I will post his partner in the future!

Be sure to click on the thumb below to go to the larger printable


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Vintage Bohemian Chic
Bedroom Printable 4 Paper Dolls

I hate to keep repeating myself but just for any new followers I will... lol. I lived in a Victorian home in California for 20 years. At that time I love Shabby Chic, but as I aged so did my love of color. When we moved here several years back, I decided for the first time in my life that I wanted new things. We had a house built and I bought the main furniture new. I still had a few old pieces that I just could not give up but I thought I could mix them with the new and come up with my "style". I just felt like I was living in a hotel, so I looked at my art (since that is what I love) and noticed that I just love things that are earth tones, old, rusted, tattered and worn. Looking around the net I discovered what I really wanted was something between Steampunk (Victorian with a futuristic twist) and Vintage Bohemian... I think I am leaning more toward the Vintage Bohemian.

I had a ton of those vintage pink rose shabby chic sheets in storage... just not my style anymore. So I got out my bottle of brown dye and went to work. They came out more of a mauve than they did brown but I still loved them. I think they totally look great on my bed and I really feel I have captured that Gypsy feel with the mix of textures and colors. I also had not realized how much I missed the feel of those vintage cotton sheets... there is just nothing like them :)

Since I am so into my bedroom this week, I thought I would offer a little Victorian paper doll bedroom printable. Click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Count's Castle
Yes it does include,
A free printable Paper Doll

I have been working on this for some time now. I actually started the graphic's for it last year. I had wanted to do it for Halloween but time flew by and I knew I was not going to make it. So I started a Nutcracker theater, thinking I would have time to get that done before the Christmas season. Well that did not

So off season or no I tend to work on my holiday projects year round because as you know by now, if I don't then it doesn't get done :)) I am calling this one "The Counts Castle" but I do intend to make some completer sheets for it in the future. Then it can be dressed for "The princess and the pea, Sleeping Beauty (a friends idea) and yes of course Haunted Halloween! It also might be a fun place for Marie Antoinette and her court to live.

For those of you who have purchased the digital kit from my little etsy store, I also wanted to do a quick rundown on how I made it. I started with an old jewelry box from the local thrift shop. Then I cut a hole in the top. I left this kinda big so that it would be easy for little hands to maneuver the puppets.

Then I covered the box with the brick paper also in the kit. My box measured 7 inches high and 10 wide so the background paper was longer than the interior wall. Instead of wallpapering it to the back and bending it around the corners, I bowed it and just glued it in along the sides. I loved how it gave it a real theater feel.

I did the puppets, facade and the towers as I always do. I printed them on brochure paper but you can also use a light weight photo paper. Then I used spray glue to attach it to a medium weight matte board. You can purchase medium weight matt board at your local office supply store or just use the light weight gift boxes you get at the dollar store. Cut all the pieces out and sand the edges with a emery board..the heavy ones for artificial nails.

I curled the towers up and attached them to the sides. You can make them more pliable by pressing it against the corner edge of a table, in a sawing motion move the tower from side to side and it will start to curl, then go ahead and roll it into a tube. This way you will not get any wrinkles or bends in the matt board. Be sure to use a marker on the edges of all you pieces too. That way no one will see cut cardboard on the edges. If you do it right, it will be hard to tell it from a die cut image.

I have used some little wire puppet stands for display but if you check out the bottom of the picture you will see that we use little wire puppet wands for "The show" :) Don't forget to put a tab on the back of your doll to hook your wand to.

I know how you all love my little articulated dolls and I thought this little doll would go well with the theater. She would make a kewl witch too, but I am sure you will find something to use her for. Be sure to click on the little thumb above and save the larger printable.

Steampunk Antique Hot Air Balloon Free Printable

Check out this print of an old antique hand colored hot air balloon... it is just perfect for those steampunk projects!

Be sure to click on the thumb above to go to the larger printable.

Little Clown Free Printable

What a cutie she is!

Click on the thumb above to go to the larger free printable... When saved it really is much larger than it looks on the computer :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just me and my art, tutorials
and free printable

Well I guess it is back to "All about me" :)) and things around this house has been just crazy. I did get this frame done and I am also adding a tutorial on how to make authentic looking cab cards below and a free printable to start you off.
The about me part, I have had company for the past couple of weeks and the last of them went home on the 3rd. Whew I thought! My son called me the next morning and told me my beautiful little grandson was sick. It did not look to serious but he was taking him to a doctors appointment. I told him to call me and let me know how he was. Shortly later my son called again and said that the little guy had Fifth disease, a virus that most children get. Between the time he had called me and the time he got him to the doctor he had broken out in the most awful red rash and even some blisters. So he had it to a more severe degree than most. It is not a virus that will really harm him as it will run it's course but if his momma who is 4 months pregnant contracted it there was a risk of significant harm to the unborn baby : / The doctor said it would be best if our little guy and his momma stayed in separate houses... sooo I have a sick little guy for the next week and his momma is in tears too since she can't be there for her sick little one. My son has been running back and forth between the two houses but each time he goes home he has to shower so our little momma doesn't catch it. I just keep saying "Gosh what next!" ... lol

How about how to make authentic looking cab cards!

First you will need to print your image (and you can use the one below) on semi gloss brochure paper. Then you need some light weight matt board, like the white gift boxes you can get from the dollar store. Oh yes, you will also need a can of craft spray glue.

Cut out the image you are going to use for the front of the cab card and spray glue the backside. Stick it to the light weight matt board and let that dry. Cut out the image you are going to use for the backside leaving about a 14 inch extra around the edges. Spray the backside of your image with glue. Then lay the image already on the matt board onto a light box or hold it against a window so you can see where the edges of the card will be. Align the front image with the back image. Once dry using your already cut out image, cut the matt board and the backside image to match the front.

Use a heavy emery board to sand the edges and round the corners.

Use an ink that matches the print all around the edges also touching it here and there direct to the paper on both the front and the back. Then blend it all with a blending solution or a blending pen. Since I had used a laser printer, I could just use alcohol.

I also bend it here and there and bang the corners to give them the look of having been handled through the years.

I placed mine in the frame above with some originals and as you can see it is difficult to tell the difference.

Now for the printable :) Be sure to click on the thumb to go to the larger printable
If you have no trouble sizing images to your page save this one.

If you need it set up on a page that you can just use your printer "fit to page" settings then save this one.